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President-Center at the National Library of Belarus equipped with beyerdynamic conference technology

The new building of the National Library of Belarus (built in 2006) includes a President-Center, a complex of rooms and conference halls used for governmental meetings, summits, various international organizations’ sessions, other high-level occasions.

The complex includes four separate conference rooms: The large conference hall with 500 seats, two round-shaped conference rooms, and a small conference room for private talks. The rooms are provided with beyerdynamic´s MCS 50 conference system and the SIS simultaneous interpretation system. For recording the steno-s conference & recording software is used.

The conference system with simultaneous translation feature is integrated into a complete system including the sound reinforcement, TV and Broadcast system and others.

The system has already been used for several high-level governmental meetings including the CIS forum, The Eurasian Economic Community summit and other major regional events. Close integration of the conference system with the broadcast and TV equipment provides live TV and radio broadcast worldwide.

3 x MCS 50 control unit
2 x MCS 50/64 control unit
2 x MCS 513 chairman microphone unit
20 x MCS 511 delegate microphone unit
8 x MCS 523 chairman microphone unit
88 x MCS 521 delegate microphone unit
680 x DT 1 S single earphone
2 x SIS 121 control unit
6 x SIS 1202 interpreter station
12 x DT 394.SIS headset
3 x steno-s Conference recording software

Source: Art Ramos Studio, Minsk (Belarus distributor of beyerdynamic)