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Assistive Listening System for Public Institutions

Don`t miss a word – enjoy performances even when you are hard of hearing

Because of changing demographics, the increasing number of people with impaired hearing and the laws on the equal right of participation of disabled people in society, it is essential for public institutions and event-organisers to offer assisted listening facilities.

Synexis is a wireless RF system to help people with impaired hearing. Depending on the level of impairment, Synexis offers a choice of headphones or induction neckloops for those wearing hearing aids or with cochlear implants. The required sound is transmitted directly to the ear without loss or background noise. People who are hard of hearing can therefore once again enjoy maximum speech intelligibility and actively participate in events.

IL200 induction neck loop compliant to standard EN 60118-4
The IL200 induction neck loop is an ideal aid for hearing impaired people with hearing aids or cochlea implants to take part in guided tours or events when the wireless Synexis system is in use. In conjunction with Synexis RP receivers it is compliant to standard EN 60118-4.

beyerdynamic equips free church with assisted listening and interpreting technology
Synexis makes it possible to provide assisted listening and the transmission of foreign languages with a single system – even assisted listening in foreign languages is possible.

Moderated concerts at the Nikolaisaal Potsdam with beyerdynamic’s Synexis Tour Guide System
The concert organisers of the Nikolaisaal in Potsdam (Germany) offer a wide range of events, which make music more tangible due to background information. beyerdynamic’s wireless Synexis system is used for the transmission of the moderations.

Public facilities such as

  • Churches (can also be used for guided tours and for interpreting in the church or on outings)
  • Cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Courts (can also be used as interpreting system)
  • Educational establishments such as schools, universities
  • Municipal halls
  • Town halls
  • Retirement homes

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    • Synexis TS8 (UHF) / TS2 (VHF) stationary transmitter
      (connection to PA system)
    • Synexis TH8 (UHF) / TH2 (VHF) handheld transmitter
      (guided tours or whispered interpretation)
    • Synexis TP8 (UHF) / TP2 (VHF) beltpack transmitter and
      TG H54c neckworn microphone (alternative to handheld
    • Synexis RP8 (UHF) / RP2 (VHF) beltpack receiver
    • DT 1 single-ear headphone or DT 2 headphone
    • IL200 induction neckloop
      (for hearing aids and cochlear implants)
    • Synexis C10 charger for 10 beltpack receivers
      (or C8 for 1 handheld transmitter and 8 pocket receivers)

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