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DT 394 interpreter headset

The lightweight DT 394 interpreter headset is specially designed for interpreters. Ultra-light, comfortable design, optimum intelligibility and high-quality hearing systems make these headsets the ideal tool for interpreters. For constant or alternating use, removable washable hygienic covering pads are offered as a sensible accessory.

DT 394.MCS
Headset, 120 Ω, condenser mic (cardioid), cable with 8-pin DIN connector for interpreter console MCS-D 202 and SID 202
Article Number: 483869
Available at authorized resellers
DT 394.SIS
Headset, 40 Ω, condenser mic (cardioid), cable with 3-pin XLR male and 1/4" stereo jack
Article Number: 475815
Available at authorized resellers


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