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Xelento remote

Xelento remote

Made in Germany
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Article Number: 718092

Audiophile Tesla in-ear headset for mobile devices

Xelento remote

An audible piece of jewellery

Xelento remote is our exquisite piece of jewellery for an intense musical experience: it emphasizes the precision and radiance of your music with every sound played.

You can now enjoy the complete brilliance of your music on the move with Xelento remote. Thanks to miniaturised Tesla technology, you can discover an authentic and sublime musical experience that was previously only possible at home. Xelento remote impresses thanks to optimum wearing comfort and elegance right down to the last detail. Completely indulge in your audiophile lifestyle regardless of your location.

You prefer Bluetooth connection? The Bluetooth In-Ear Xelento wireless provides you with the same quality in terms of sound, usability, design, and comfort as Xelento remote.
Xelento wireless >>

Newly defined mobility

Audiophile lifestyle on the go

Xelento remote combines your desire for an intense musical experience and a mobile lifestyle with exquisite musical enjoyment. It impresses with its brilliant sound, therefore offering an unparalleled in-ear experience. Thanks to its integrated remote control and handsfree microphone, it adapts flexibly to your needs. Whether listening to music or making a phone call – there’s no need to compromise on sound and comfort any more while on the go thanks to Xelento remote. Listening pleasure for music enthusiasts no longer knows any spatial boundaries.

Miniaturised Tesla technology

Authentic, intense listening experience

Tesla technology is the pioneering innovation from beyerdynamic. A significantly stronger magnetic field than with normal headphones transforms every nuance of the electrical signal with uncompromising precision into detailed sound that has been delighting the music world for years. A miniaturised version of the Tesla driver was developed especially for Xelento remote. Like its big brother, it guarantees an authentic and intoxicating musical experience full of detail. Your music can now finally shine in full splendour on the move as well.

Ergonomic fit

Matchless wearing comfort for relaxed listening enjoyment

Just like a valuable piece of jewellery, Xelento remote places a high priority on wearing comfort. The ergonomically shaped casings coupled with lightweight design and perfectly moulded eartips adapt effortlessly to your ear while promising a maximum degree of ambient noise cancellation. Due to the cable running behind the ear you will enjoy an optimised wearing experience and undesirable cable noise is minimal. Use it to turn your mobile musical pleasure into a new type of comfortable experience.

Exclusive materials

Quality and elegance in every detail

Elegance and high quality reflect the personality of the Xelento remote. A silver-plated cable, high-gloss housing, pleasant sense of touch and the finest workmanship underline the elegance of this exclusive piece of jewellery. The carefully selected materials guarantee absolute durability in everyday mobile use. Harmonious down to the last detail, Xelento remote emphasises your personal style, making you reluctant to put it down.

Handmade in Germany

Precision and passion in a pure form

Just like all other high-end Tesla models, the Xelento remote is also carefully handcrafted in Germany. Skilled professionals wind the tiny voice coils, rotate drive parts and finish off the in-ear under a microscope with the utmost precision. This acoustic masterpiece combines the full wealth of experience with the passion of the beyerdynamic employees.


  • Highly efficient miniaturised Tesla technology drivers
  • High-resolution sound for an audiophile lifestyle on the go
  • Universal 3-button remote and mic compatible with most Apple and Android devices*
  • Ergonomically shaped casings coupled with perfectly moulded eartips (10 sizes)
  • Exclusive materials like saluminium battery casing and engraved faceplates
  • Hand crafted "Made in Germany"

Supplied Accessories

  • 1.3 m silver-plated cable with 3-button remote and 3.5 mm plug, 4-pole
  • 1.3 m silver-plated cable with 3.5 mm plug
  • 7 pairs of silicone eartips
  • 3 pairs of Comply™ eartips
  • Case
  • Cable clip
  • Quick start guide

* Xelento remote is compatible with most Apple and Android devices possessing a built-in 3.5 mm jack socket with CTIA pin assignment. It may be possible that the volume control does not work with or does not provide all functions for some devices, e.g. Lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapters.

Also available with Bluetooth
Xelento wireless >>


beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG
Theresienstr. 8
74072 Heilbronn - Germany

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technical data

EAN   4010118718090
Transmission type   Wired
Headphone design (operating principle)   Closed
Headphone impedanceAlso known as nominal impedance. The impedance is the AC resistance of the coils of loudspeakers and headphones in ohms. Since impedance depends on the frequency, it is always specified at a frequency of one kilohertz.   16 ohms
Headphone frequency responseThe frequency response specifies the highest and lowest frequencies reproduced by the acoustic transducer of the headphones.   8-48,000 Hz
Nominal sound pressure levelThe acoustical level, the headphone transducer produces to an artificial ear (a measurement device, which simulates a human ear) with an input power of 1 mW (dB/mW @ 500 Hz).   110 dB (1 mW / 500 Hz)
Remote   Universal 3-button remote
ConstructionSound coupling to the ear. A differentiation is made between supraaural headphones, circumaural headphones and in-ear headphones.   In-ear headphones
Cable & plug   1.3 m detachable (MMCX) with 3-button remote and mic with 3.5 mm plug, 4-pole
TRRS standard   CTIA

Spec Sheet


Spec Sheet

User Manual

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Xelento remote: Have proven themselves outstanding in every parameter 07/2017
Title: Beyerdynamic Xelento review: $999 tech jewelry
Author: Vlad Savov 07/2017
Title: Beyerdynamic Xelento review: $999 tech jewelry
Author: Vlad Savov

"These (...) earphones (...) have proven themselves outstanding in every parameter worth considering. The Xelento are that rare product that will fulfill the desires of both the niche enthusiast and the casual listener in search of something special."


"These Beyerdynamic buds have the sound quality and resolution to compete with anything else you can plug into your ears — and they win most head-to-head contests by virtue of their impeccable comfort."


"It’s the combination of the superior sound with the perfectly polished metal enclosures of the Xelentos — which are simultaneously gorgeous to look at and delightful to wear — that wins me over. It also helps to have the assurance that Beyerdynamic is treating these as its flagship earphones and is making them in Germany under its strictest quality control."


"The tonal balance of the Xelentos does favor treble and the mid-range more than my favorite headphones (...). But even as an admitted basshead, I appreciate the precision and tautness of the bass that these earphones pump out. It’s like a meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant: my plate is never as overfull as I’d like it to be, but everything I’m tasting is sensational."


"Still, if you measure them solely on the question of whether they will delight or disappoint you, the Beyerdynamic Xelentos are an undeniable winner."

Xelento remote: One of the truest, cleanest takes on wall-of-sound 02/2017
Title: Review: Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote – Anthem
Author: Nathan 02/2017
Title: Review: Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote – Anthem
Author: Nathan


“If you’re a girl, or a guy with very small ears, both Xelento, and AKT8iE are two of the only high-end earphones that will fit your ears. I’ve now met three people that get on neither with the AKT8iE chassis, nor selection of ear tips. Xelento’s shape hasn’t changed, but as I mentioned above, it comes with more ear pieces. Two of them are massive, oblong things. They don’t work in my ears, but they may work on yours. The Comply tips, however, work brilliantly.”


“Both earphones get just as loud at the same volume levels through my iPhone SE. The AKT8iE’s extra 1dB of sensitivity makes no difference to my ears. This means that both earphones hiss mildly through moderate quality sources. Both earphones reveal a small amount of hiss from the IPhone SE.”


“While the AKT8iE MKII is warmer than Xelento, it’s not by much, and Xelento’s bass sticks out more. Neither is a basshead earphone. From top to bottom, Xelento sounds cooler. Its bass stereo image pushes wider, a result of which is that its lows feel punchier, crisper, and quicker. Xelento’s bass reaches lower, though, enough to reveal slightly more yawning detail in the opening seconds to Markus Schulz’s Mainstage. Of course, the AKT8iE’s warmth advertises it against Xelento’s composure. In reality, both earphones produce some of the quickest-reacting bass in the dynamic world.”

“While low-frequency differences between the two are iterative, mid-frequency differences are contrastive. Hardcore fans of the AKT8iE may dismiss Xelento. Quite simply, compared to the AKT8iE’s smooth transition from upper bass to mids, it is mildly disjointed. It’s almost as if the first post-bass steps drop rather than bridge the two frequency bands. It’s not a huge rift; it’s the sort you might hear from certain generation II hybrid earphones.”

“Against Astell & Kern’s warmth, Beyerdynamic chose impact. Mids run out of stronger, more explosive bass, flat into the highs, coolly unaccented. There are times when I miss the AKT8iE’s warmth, but it’s only really after listening to it for hours. The converse isn’t necessarily true.”

“I appreciate Xelento’s flat mid range. I appreciate their bell-like clarity and wide berth for female vocals. I appreciate Xelento’s more energetic more Team Beyer highs. I appreciate Xelento’s dry resonance, especially when listening to hard electronic and heavy metal, where accent is the last thing I’m looking for. And yet, when it comes to male vocals, I prefer the AKT8iE MKII’s warmth. The problem with the AKT8iE MKII is that, no matter how feeble, its warmth impacts everything. Xelento’s clear, higher pressure highs are distinct from mids and bass, cutting a truly world-class profile.”

“Xelento more stringently follows equal loudness curve rules. It is a little brighter. It is not sibilant. Its bass is a little more impactful. But it is not a bass head earphone. Its mids are flatter and cooler, and though slightly, wetter than typical reference headphones. I have a feeling that people unimpressed with the AKT8iE’s mild warmth and central voicing may find Xelento’s width and mild u-curve enticing. Add to that a cool, high pressure low range, and you have a strong-arm take on the typical wide-midrange reference earphone.

Before I forget, Xelento’s stage presence stretches really really wide, pushing against left and right extremes. It arches slightly back: an IMAX cinema from the 5th row if you will. It reaches high. Yet, despite excellent instrument separation, it doesn’t bend away from itself to offer much depth. It is one of the truest, cleanest takes on wall-of-sound I’ve ever had in my ears.“


“Well done.”

Rating: five Stars


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