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MC 840

MC 840

Made in Germany
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Article Number: 482838

Top class large-diaphragm condenser microphone

Studio or Live Applications
Vocals, Choirs, Instruments

The MC 840 is a very compact large diaphragm studio microphone with a gold vaporised double diaphragm and 5 selectable polar patterns (omnidirectional, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure 8). On the basis of the MC 740 microphone capsule this new microphone has been equipped with an improved low-noise pre-amplifier and an impedance transformer without transducer. Due to a two-stage roll-off filter (80 and 160 Hz) compensating the close miking effect and a two-stage pre-attenuation (-10 and -20 dB) the MC 840 is a superior microphone for any recording application. It has been designed without compromise to capture every sound detail with absolute clarity and purity. Applications for the MC 840 include recording orchestras resulting in a superb transparent sound.


  • Large diaphragm capsule with gold vaporised double diaphragms
  • Elastic capsule mounting
  • Five selectable polar patterns
  • Switchable pre-attenuation for high sound pressure levels
  • Switchable two-stage roll-off filter


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technical data

Price category   Professional
Transducer typeThe transducer system is designed as a dynamic moving coil microphone, as a ribbon microphone or as a condenser microphone.   True condenser
Microphone frequency responseRange of frequencies transmitted by the microphone from low to extremely high sounds (low to high frequencies).   30 - 20,000 Hz
Dimensions   165 mm x 37 mm
Net weight without packaging   456 g

Spec Sheet

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Spec Sheet

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MC 840: Neutral and honest 11/2014
Title: Special studio microphones for vocals
Author: Armin Bauer 11/2014
Title: Special studio microphones for vocals
Author: Armin Bauer

Translated from the original German article


Beyerdynamic regards the MC 840 as an all-rounder. This is the reason why the frequency response has been designed for neutrality and airiness. The diagram displays a linear frequency response curve up to 4 kHz, from there is a slight treble increase, which reaches its peak at approximately 10 kHz.


As requested by the designers, the MC 840 sounds very neutral and honest. The speech is pleasantly direct with a good pulse accuracy


The basic sound is slim the beyerdynamic microphone and definitely not sophisticated.


So I see the MC 840 in a classical context, where absolute fidelity of sound is required.


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