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Ingenious inspiration

With the term Tesla, experts describe the strength of a magnetic field that has an impact on a current carrying conductor. Not until 1960 the unit was named after the inventor, physicist and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla (1856 –1943). Numerous inventions in the field of electrical engineering –  e.g. alternating current, AC induction motor, Tesla coil, radio technology, remote controls, radio communication (transmitter, receiver) or the high-frequency lamp – are attributed to him.

Nikola Tesla’s ingenuity has also inspired beyerdynamic’s engineers when it came to revolutionise a core product of the audio specialist: the hi-fi headphones. In the spirit of its founder Eugen Beyer, who, in 1926 with a passion for clear, natural sound, constructed the first amplifier and loudspeaker systems for the oncoming talking pictures. In 1937 he developed the DT 48, the first dynamic headphone. Two years later, the dynamic M 19 microphone followed, which is still regarded as a milestone in the history of electro-acoustics.

Handcrafted in Germany

With our premium products, we satisfy every wish of the hi-fi superclass. The headphones, which are made by hand in Germany, satisfy the highest quality requirements. From exceptionally precise sound, which ensures individual music pleasure, through incomparable wearing comfort as a result of processing with the highest quality materials, our headphones also offer the premium class the greatest flexibility.

The processing of various impedances makes it possible to use the devices for the most varied applications. Use the standard variants (250 Ohms) for pleasurable listening at home with your stereo system. The 600 Ohms models are best suited for extensive music enjoyment with a headphone amplifier. Use the 32 Ohms variants when you also want to connect your headphones to portable devices while on the go.

Tesla technology

With its specially developed Tesla technology, a new headphones era for beyerdynamic begins. The completely redesigned transducers for which this technology stands are distinguished by their very strong magnetic drive and transparent sound.

The new technology, named after the pioneer of the alternating current Nikola Tesla, makes extremely flexible applications in a variety of headphones possible. Whether it’s the extreme lightness that makes extensive music enjoyment at home with the flagship product T 1 or Amiron home possible, or the quick entry into one’s own music world when on the go with the closed models T 51 i /p, T 5 p and the in-ear Xelento, the Tesla technology opens a new dimension in headphones listening pleasure.

Hi-fi Innovations „Made in Germany“
beyerdynamic reinvents headphones:
With Tesla technology, the borders of feasible technology are reached


Mario Gebhardt, Head of Development for audio products at beyerdynamic, explains the special technical aspects of the new type of headphone construction.
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